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Writing up dependency injection container for your component tests

ASP.NET Core has in-built dependency injection container and it’s pretty good enough to use. I use TestApiFactory class to use it without too much set up, but this time, I had to wire up service provider myself, as thses tests run against Service Fabric worker process which is an executable.

By the way, what I mean by “Component Testing” is you test your code against public interface. The benefit is you couple your tests not to implementation of your code but to public interface, and as a result, tests tend to stay unchanged even though you are chaning your implementation of feature massively. I only mock the external dependencies such as repositories and message publishers (Azure ServiceBus / AWS SNS)

Wiring up service container / provider is surprisingly simple to use.

public class Tests
    private Mock<IStoreEvent> _eventStore
    private ServiceProvider _serviceProvider
    public Tests() {
        _eventStore = new Mock<IStoreEvent>();
        _serviceProvider = new ServiceCollection()
            .AddTransient(s => _eventStore.object)
    public async Task Should_retrieve_message() {
        // arrange
        var mediator = _serviceProvider.GetService<IMediator>();
        var processor = new Processor(mediator);
        // act
        await processor.Run();
        // assert
        _eventStore.Verify(s => s.List());