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Serialize and deserialize enum as string with System.Text.Json

The same problem with a different tool. By default, enums are serialized as integer, which I think is not right. So to handle string values in API payload, you have to set string enum converter.

A few different wasy to achive the same goal. For more comprehensive documentation, refer to JSON in .NET.

Deserialize string value into enum


use JsonConverter and JsonStringEnumConverter.

public enum AccountIdKind
    Iban = 1,
    Bban = 2

Configure in Startup

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
        .AddJsonOptions(x =>
            x.JsonSerializerOptions.Converters.Add(new JsonStringEnumConverter());

Serialize enum as string in Refit

services.AddSingleton(x =>
    var hostUrl = new Uri(configuration["Api:BaseUrl"]);
    var subscriptionKey = configuration["Api:SubscriptionKey"];
    var headerClientHandler = new HeaderClientHandler(subscriptionKey);

    var jsonSerializerOptions = new JsonSerializerOptions();
    jsonSerializerOptions.Converters.Add(new JsonStringEnumConverter(JsonNamingPolicy.CamelCase));
    return RestService.For<ILedgerApi>(
        new HttpClient(headerClientHandler) { BaseAddress = hostUrl },
        new RefitSettings(new SystemTextJsonContentSerializer(jsonSerializerOptions))